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On the Corner of Washington  and Centennial Street...

starts the grounds where D-UP resides. Located on the business end of the Historic Washington Street District in High Point, D-UP operates out of multiple buildings allied down the way.

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Washington St. Enrichment Center
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D-UP STEM + Gym + Arts Complex
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Congdon Wellness and Education Center
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621 + 627

D-UP Black Box Theater
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Washington Street Enrichment Center

Established in 2019, D-UP's Washington St. Enrichment center was donated by the Heydan Harman foundation in 2018 and opened its doors in 2019. It houses the main office, lobby and three learning spaces. The space is also outfitted with a half kitchen where hot meals and snacks are served.


D-UP Dominion

The D-UP Dominion space has been rented by D-UP since 2021. This multi-purposed building hosts D-UP's photography studio, sewing & crafting room, and screen printing rooms on the bottom floor and the administrative office, middle school space and computer/gaming lab on the top floor.


Congdon Wellness + Education Center

The Congdon Wellness and Education Center was donated to D-UP in 2018 by the Hayden Harman Foundation and opened its doors in 2021 fully furnished and renovated with funding from the Congdon Foundation.  Through the entrance of this building is the Eatery Sprout room and learning kitchen with a stocked food pantry dedicated to the community and D-UP families. Further inside there is a yoga room, art therapy room, mini library and outpatient therapy room. The patio is also fully outfitted as an outdoor serene space for relaxation, small events and outdoor activities.


The Hub

The Hub houses multiple organizations from resilience High Point, to growing High Point. D-UP operates out of this space in the bottom floor that, since 2018, functions as a dance room, Pre-K/Kindergarten classroom and much more.


D-UP has long-recognized and invested in the importance of educational, economic, and multidisciplinary opportunity. Through our programs, we have been able to increase accessibility to health and wellness resources, provide economic opportunities, and strengthen community connections. Take a look at our virtual tour to explore some of the programs and activities available on the D-UP campus.  Walk with us through some of the historic Washington Street. Join us in commemorating and remembering the past, as we envision a future that would provide further opportunities for the Washington Street community of today, and for generations to come. 

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