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About D-UP Inc.


D-UP Inc. began as a grassroots organization established in 2007 and incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit in 2010 providing services across the Triad. In 2011, D-UP moved to Washington Street in High Point and has operated youth programs in the community offering a variety of services and programs with emphasis on physical activity, nutrition, academics, life and soft skills.




Founded by Jakki and Corvin Davis, D-UP originated as a Basketball Fundamentals and Skills Program in 2007.

The name "D-UP" not only alludes to a term coined by basketball defense techniques but also encapsulates the program's core mission—to develop essential life skills, instill nutrition knowledge, and empower individuals excel in life.

Initially serving the Triad region, D-UP's founders passionately traveled across schools, sharing their mission and inspiring the younger generation. As the years progressed, it became evident that basketball was just the beginning. In 2011, D-UP expanded its offerings to include Physical Activity, Nutritional Education, Academic Achievement, and Character Development (PNAC).

With support from the Hayden-Harmon Foundation, D-UP found its first official home inside the Ritz Theatre in the Historic Washington Street neighborhood. High Point University became a integral partner, bolstering the program by providing a consistent source of volunteers through service learning classes and the Bonner Leader Program.

D-UP is now located at 613 Washington Street and with plans to continue expanding its facilities, most recent of the expansion being the Congdon Wellness and Education Center, which opened its doors in November 2021.

Through committed partnerships, dedicated volunteers and staff and local funding initiatives, D-UP's journey continues to evolve; becoming a center for holistic learning, community engagement, and mental and physical health.

Through this journey, D-UP has cultivated a thriving community of support, encompassing leaders, local institutions, businesses, families, and volunteers.

D-UP's history is a testament to its enduring commitment to nurturing youth, families, and the community through comprehensive programs and unwavering dedication.


D-UP Inc. mission is to provide comprehensive wraparound services for children, adults, and families by promoting health; education; and life readiness; with the ultimate goal of maximizing individual life experiences and increasing the economic self-sufficiency of families.


D-UP Inc. founders, board of directors, staff, and volunteers commit to providing quality, fun, and structured activities for youth and adults in a safe environment that fosters courage, hope, belief, and pride to live healthier lifestyles; take advantage of educational opportunities; navigate through life; and become productive citizens in their communities.

Core Values


A vision for a safe and nurturing environment that fosters courage, hope, belief, and pride to live healthier lifestyles.

Completeness & Convenience

A vision of a holistic approach to address the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social aspects necessary for children to thrive.


A vision of quality, fun, and structured activities with respect and love.


A vision of innovative opportunities for youth to discover and explore their talents, interests, and values.


A vision to provide a stable and predictable environment in which youth can trust, relate to others, regulate behavior, and learn.

D-UP is Transforming Lives with:

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